Construction has been good to me. I have been doing it for over 25 years and have seen just about every issue come up.

With experience comes, well, experience.

Minnetonka Room AdditionI have come to realize there aren’t really problem’s, only solutions. Nothing has proven to be insurmountable. Only a challenge to my knowledge and experience at the time. What I can’t control is the economy and consumers opinion on whether to do improvements to their home or not.

Over the past four months, I’m noticing peoples increased willingness to do more home improvements. I have gotten more request for screen porches and 3 and 4 season porches in this year than ever before in the same period. I have built porches in almost every city in the Twin Cities. It is by far one of my favorite projects to build.

When a client calls me up with the idea that they want to add an addition to their home, there are always many of the same question’s that come up. With some discussion on how they are planning on using the space, I can give them good options. Usually, some they hadn’t considered or even knew were possibilities for their project. I thought I would put some of them here with the hopes of educating anyone looking for information on home additions.

What Size Home Addition?

Not just in the Twin Cities but all over the country the first issue that comes up is what size to build. What I have learned is that in general anything approximately 10’ x 10’ or smaller will have a higher cost per square foot. By reason, it still involves everything that goes into a larger addition just less of it. Like when you go to get a fountain soda at a gas station it might be .99 for 12 ounces or 1.39 for the 24 ounces. You still require the same elements. A cup, a lid, and a straw and the associated business expenses. It just so happens that the product you put in is a relatively small percentage of the total cost. So I usually recommend to build as big as you care to, the cost per square foot only goes down the larger you get.

What About Heating And Cooling An Addition

Another popular question is about heating and cooling a four-season porch. The porches that I build usually include a fireplace capable of heating the space. Although I always encourage installing either ducts from the existing heating system as the most comfortable option. If the room, like a recreation room, is going to include a hot tub I prefer to have it on an independent system to keep potential humidity and chemical odder from the rest of the home. Another great option for heating and cooling is what’s called a Mini Split system. Mini Splits are a great, economical option for some additions.

If you are planning a room addition, porch addition or screen porch around the Twin Cities area feel free to contact me with other questions. Otherwise I will add information as time permits.

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