Make the space you already have in your home more useful. Many families have rooms in their homes that are under used.

A basement remodel is a great way to add valuable living space to your home. Get an extra bedroom, bathroom, home theater, entertainment area, kids play area etc. without needing to add to the structure with a room addition.

Common Reasons We See Basement Space Under Used.

  • Unfinished bathroom. Nobody likes a dingy unfinished bathroom. If it’s not an emergency, I’ll use the upstairs bathroom, thanks.
  • Unfinished basement. Whether the owners intended on doing the work themselves or just put more time into other areas of the home, an unfinished often ends up as an unintended storage facility.
  • Outdated. Often we gravitate to newer, better lit and more comfortable living space. With our skilled and experienced remodelers, your basement can be the most beautiful and comfortable room in your Minnesota home.
  • Moisture. Minnesota basements can have moisture problems, and damp musty basements are not pleasant. Thankfully they are fixable and preventable. Sometimes just a quality sump pump will do the job, other times more needs to be done for proper drainage and moisture barriers.

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