Minnesota remodeling can be challenging, during the long cold winter a Twin Cities remodeling contractor must time his projects well. Room additions are especially challenging because of weather conditions. Materials must be protected, walls and windows that are removed must be filled back in the same day. Regardless of the season remodeling presents challenges.

Summers bring rain, heat and insects. Winter brings snow and cold snappy weather. So why add a room?

Let’s look at the types of additions homeowners ask for and how they are all additions and why they are all different.

The Mudroom

This is your better entry into the home, children, and pets have a good leave and entry place here. A well-constructed mudroom acts as a weather barrier to the main living areas, its a place to hang and store the seasons clothing and you can leave your boots and shoes out of the way but easy to find. Good design is key for good traffic flow and storage.

The Dormer

Burnsville AdditionThis is a roof top addition, you can add a bath or a bedroom easily and its a very cost-effective way to add space on your upper level. Dormers can be a simple slope roof design or a gable style to match your roof lines. Dormers add interest to the design of a home.

The Upper Level Lift

Want to double your living space? Add a second story. This type addition will entirely change your home, it means twice the space, and room for a growing family that loves their neighborhood and wants to stay put.

The One Story Bump Out

Exterior AdditionThis is an addition that is built to an exterior wall of your home. It can be a large family room or a simple kitchen expansion. This addition requires footings and block work, this means digging in your yard but its a nice easy step to the lawn when well planned. Or just maybe it adds just enough space to build the dream kitchen you’ve always wanted. This is a very popular choice for Minnesota remodelers. It is done often here because the Twin Cities tends to have good sized yards that allow for this type addition to pass zoning requirements.

The 2 Story Bump Out

Just what it sounds like, the 2 story bump out is an addition that adds space to the 1st and second story.

Why build an addition?

You get to stay in the neighborhood you love, you get the space you want and help to design and you avoid the hassle of moving. When you work with a careful and sensitive contractor you join the dream team and get exactly what you want.

What do you need to build an addition?

You need,

  • A plan
  • Plan approval
  • A realistic budget
  • A smart contractor, leave nothing to chance.

So call Dean at 612.490.3560 and start building your dream.

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