Experience, craftsmanship and attention to detail will always affect the comfort and livability of the room.

Four Season Porch

The four season porch is essentially a standard room addition. It has to meet energy codes such as floor, wall, ceiling, insulation and window energy code standards. Four season porches can be built on poured footings or it can and have a full foundation. A full foundation will add expense to the project. It’s been our experience that if you’re looking for a room addition that blends in to the existing architecture a full foundation is the way to go. A four season porch also requires heating and ventilation just like any other room in your home. Heating and ventilation can be accomplished by adding a gas fireplace or it’s generally not too difficult to run supply ducts and return air ducts as with any additions to your home.

Three Season Porch

Three season porches have been very popular addition options. Whether it’s a room with the sense of the outdoors or a place to sit and get away from it all. The construction is typically lighter than room additions, however, they are very similar in many regards. Intended for warmer seasons they do not need to meet energy codes. You can have as many windows as you would like.

Gas fireplaces have been a popular addition to three season rooms. They can provide additional comfort on demand during cooler months and extend the usability and enhance the atmosphere of the room. The three season Porch can be framed with two by four studs and insulated with R13 fiberglass insulation. We use two by six studs and R19 fiberglass insulation as it’s a much better value vs. price for the benefits received. Upgrades to foam insulation can provide even better insulation performance for 3 and 4 season porches.

Screened Porch

Screen porches are a great way to add space to your home for entertaining or just hanging out. It is also a great way to get started if you can’t currently afford a three or four season room. A screened in porch addition, if planed ahead, can be converted into a three or four season room in the future when the budget is more forgiving.

With our state bird, the mosquito, forcing us inside at dusk the screen porch is a great room addition to any MN home.

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