Remodeling a kitchen is never an easy project. Especially if you live in an older, eclectic, or small space, you will probably have more on your plate than you initially expected.

Small projects can easily turn into big projects, and things that seemed simple can quickly become costly. Small kitchens are a particularly tricky prospect since a kitchen is usually a space that more than one person will end up using, and freedom of movement and adequate storage can make all the difference in the world.

Before you begin with a small Kitchen remodeling project, consider a few questions.

3 Reasons Before Remodeling

  1. Am I looking to make my kitchen larger?
    • If you have a tiny kitchen, you probably want more space. Images of islands with sinks and endless cabinets might be dancing through your head, and rightly so. Who doesn’t love a large, airy kitchen with storage for everything they could possibly imagine? But before you grab your sledgehammer and start breaking down walls, take a moment and really think about it. Kitchens are home to all sorts of complicated wires and pipes, and if you’re not skilled at electrical work or building pipe systems, you may not want to pull down your walls just yet.
    • If you are looking to make your kitchen bigger and more spacious, it may be best to leave this type of project to a professional. Tearing down walls, dealing with removing, replacing or rearranging gas and water lines, and re-wiring electricity can all be difficult undertakings with potentially dangerous risks.
  2. How much storage do I actually need?
    • Any family chef extraordinaire knows that tools of the trade are essential. Pots, pans, the right cooking utensils, and baking dishes of all sizes are necessary to have in a kitchen. But when you have a minuscule kitchen, where do you put all of it?
    • Take inventory of the implements you have and consider everything you may need. Knowing the quantity of things you have to store can make storage solutions easier to imagine and create.
  3. How much time do I really have to remodel?
    • If you’re a busy person, as most people are nowadays, taking weeks off to remodel your own kitchen is usually out of the question. Additionally, there are many builders that can take an extended amount of time to re-do your kitchen for you, and it may be time that you just don’t have available.

Ideally, finding someone who can put together kitchens in a week may be your best bet. Professionals who are skilled at fast construction that meets your vision and your needs in the time you want can be a viable and cost-effective solution, especially when it comes to creating a larger, more comfortable, more usable and functional kitchen.

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