Why remodel in the winter?

It’s cold, it’s snowy and it’s not spring which is the perfect time to add onto your home right?


Over the years I have had people tell me they want to wait for spring to remodel, that’s best because why? You get to slip around in the mud, you get to have the chance of rain on your new project?

Here’s the top 10 reasons to remodel in the winter.

Minnesota Winter Construction Project

    1. Remodeling slows so you get more attention
    2. Suppliers have inventory so fewer wait times for materials and products
    3. Subcontractors are better able to meet your needs

  1. Plants and lawns are dormant, so less damage
  2. No interruptions from summer vacations
  3. Inspection departments are available for quicker inspections
  4. There are savings on materials
  5. You can control costs better
  6. You can plan your project for warm month enjoyments
  7. When the weather gets nice your good to go

Winter is perfect for that basement finish, all the work is downstairs and away from your living spaces, you will lose no days to weather since this is an inside job, it’s a perfect time to rehab.

Bathrooms are a perfect winter project, they will get done quicker because the sub contractors are not dealing with the seasonal rushes.

Minnesota Winter ConstructionKitchens are a perfect winter project, lead times for cabinets are shorter and with a good plan and you could be in a new kitchen in 30 days. Sure that’s a long time, but compare that to 60 days during the construction season.

We live in Minnesota and most remodeling activity takes place during the summer months, sure the weather is nice but contractors are also busy answering inquiries and going out to meet prospects. For the best chance of a timely project and attentive service the Minnesota winter will make you the center of attention when remodeling.

To get started just call, 612-490-3560, we will meet with you and get your wants and needs written down into your project package. Winter remodeling gets you done and ready to enjoy summer in your new space.

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