Project Overview

Project Concept

Update galley kitchen to a beautiful modern more functional space.

Project Completion

This is quite possibly the best option for an old outdated galley kitchen. The clients originally came to me and said they would like to close out the door at the end of the kitchen and put in shelves at the end where the door is. I went to work designing their new kitchen. I did the design just how they asked and I emailed it to them. Telling them not to not get too excited about this plan because I have a second plan for their review that will be completed shortly. The second plan was emailed. It included relocating the stove to the where the door was an moving refrigerator down just a few feet turning their galley kitchen into a more functional U-shaped kitchen. They loved the second design better than their original design, so we got to work. The new kitchen features granite countertops with the waterfall edge, oak custom cabinets with drawers or rollouts where ever possible to maximize efficiency. A new tile floor and backsplash completes this kitchen remodel in Richfield Minnesota


Kitchen Remodel


Richfield, Minnesota

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