Finally, a workable solution for corners. The access of drawers with the utilization of a lazy susan.

Aspen Remodelers offers the The Korner King modules as an option to our kitchen remodelclients.

The KornerKing Cabinet Module combines the advantages of a drawer and lazy susan in one unit.

  • By using the drawer unit for the most often-used items, you are able to access them with a pull of the drawer.
  • Lets you organize your items by type.
  • Turns a once wasted corner into a usable storage area that is easily accessed by most anyone.
  • The sides of the rotating platform are low enough to easily reach into, but high enough to keep things from falling over the edge.

Korner King Customer Video

Korner King L Cabinet

Korner King Pantry

Korner King Angle Cabinet

 KornerKing Cabinet Modules

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