3 Under Discussed Remodeling Pain Points

Any remodeling project creates disturbances to your home and family routines. Properly managing the disturbances is an important factor in your overall satisfaction of the project.

I put this article together for you based on my years of experience doing home remodeling and room additions.

Two items that are too often overlooked by potential clients looking for a contractor are:
How is a contractor going to handle waste?
How will the contractor protect your home and family from dust?

Keeping dust to a minimum.

Zipper Door Containment

Zipper Door Containment

Room additions are relatively easy to keep contained. Here are just a couple things that I do to ensure the comfort of my customers during their home renovation project.

Proper planning will make sure we don’t disturb the existing house until the last possible minute. When possible I prefer to have the room addition completely finished before even entering the home. Although that is not always possible and is dependent on how the room addition will be attached and area of the opening between the existing home. Read More »

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203K Remodeling In Minneapolis And St. Paul

Aspen Remodelers has years of experience doing 203K loan rehab and remodels and we have done 203K remodeling, repair, rehab all the way up to custom kitchens all under the 203K loan.

What is a 203K loan?

Minnetonka 4 season room addition
A 203K is a remodel and repair loan. You can buy a home, fix it up new with what you want and move in to your personally finished space, or, you can refinance the home your in and get funds to repair and remodel, all with one loan payment.
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Twin Cities Kitchen Remodeling

custom kitchen tile backsplashSexy, Smart, comfortable, Classy

The process for a great kitchen remodel experience is pretty straightforward and the first step is thinking and planning. Do you want a sexy and sassy look with all new appliances? How about that country look, a kitchen where friends and family gather while you prepare their favorite comfort foods?

Here are some steps to help you get your dream kitchen.

Here are 8 steps to help you get your dream kitchen.

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203K Kitchen remodeling

Remodeling your kitchen, bathroom or any other part of your house will bring the value of your home up. How can you afford it? Use the 203k streamline loan. You can refinance to do needed repairs or just modernize and get that kitchen or bath you’ve been wanting for years.

There are lots of options open to you for your kitchen remodel but most important are the 3 things listed below.

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Questions to Ask Yourself before You Start a Basement Renovation Project

Remodeling a basement is an attractive possibility for many families who need more space, or even people who just want to upgrade the look of a “creepy” basement.  Basement renovations can turn a dank, eerie, unusable space into a gathering place for your family, or add a great deal of room to your house.

Before you start a basement renovation project, there are a few questions you should ask yourself:

Why do you want extra space in the first place?

Ask yourself if you need more space for a playroom, to get your exercise equipment out from under foot on the main floor of your house, to have a television room, or to entertain.  Read More »

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Is a Sunroom Addition Right for You?

When people are looking for more space in their home, the relatively inexpensive sunroom is often an attractive idea.  While a Florida room may be just what some families are looking for, others will find that it fails to address the underlying reasons that they needed more space in the first place.

Before you decide to install a sunroom, instead of a traditional room addition, you should talk to your home addition contractor about why you need more space.  They can help you to determine whether or not you will be happy with a solarium.

Is a sunroom addition right for you and your family?

Yes.  Adding a sunroom gives you additional square footage in your house at a minimal expense.
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Planning A Home Addition Or Home Remodel

Advice from a contractor.

I have been doing home remodeling in the Twin Cities for over 25 years. I have worked with many types of clients, a wide range of home styles, very wide range of original age of homes and from small projects to building a new home.

The first interview.

Planning a home addition

Planning a home addition

The first interviews are almost always similar in nature regardless the type of remodel project. Potential clients need to get to know me and my business and need to get to know them and about the project they have in mind. Not all projects and clients will fit all contractors and their business. An experienced contractor can summarize pretty quickly whether the project and client are potentially a good match or poor match for the contractor and his business. Don’t be surprised or take it personally if your project gets turned down at this point.


One of the most important aspects to consider is the relationship between the clients and the contractor. Read More »

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A Sign Of The Times

Construction has been good to me. I have been doing it for over 25 years and have seen just about every issue come up.

With experience comes, well, experience.

Minnetonka 4 season room addition
I have come to realize their aren’t really problem’s, only solutions. Nothing has proven to be insurmountable. Only a challenge to my knowledge and experience at the time. What I can’t control is the economy and consumers opinion on whether to do improvements to their home or not.

Over the past four months I’m noticing peoples increased willingness to do more home improvement’s. I have gotten more request for screen porches and 3 and 4 season porches in this year than ever before in the same period. I have built porches in almost every city in the Twin Cities. It is by far one of my favorite projects to build.

When a client calls me up with the idea that they want to add an addition to their home, there are always many of the same question’s that come up. With some discussion on how they are planning on using the space I can give them good options. Usually some they hadn’t considered or even knew were possibilities for their project. I thought I would put some of them here with the hopes of educating anyone looking for information on home additions.

What Size Home Addition?

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Home Improvement Loans, Bloomington MN

Home improvement loan - Bloomington MNThe city of Bloomington, MN is offering home improvement loans for it’s residents to help maintain the condition of housing and neighborhoods in the city. Loans of up to $35,000 are available to Bloomington homeowners. There are no monthly payments. Repayment occurs when the home is sold, refinanced, transferred or conveyed.

Deadline for this particular program: All applications must be received by March 9, 2012.
Find out more and get an application on the cities website. Home improvement loans Bloomington, MN.

Not a resident of Bloomington, MN? Many other local governments have similar programs so check with your city or municipality to see what’s available for you. If you don’t know your cities website call the city hall information desk and they should be able to direct you to the right local department.

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Why Kitchen Remodeling In A Week

I have been remodeling for over 25 years. As we did kitchen remodel projects I noticed there were gaps in the timing from one phase to the next. For example; demo cleanup was dependent on a dumpster on-site, electrician couldn’t get in until demo was completed and counter tops not measured (or ordered) until new cabinets are installed. Not much thought went into why, because this is the way almost all remodelers do kitchen projects. Often taking 6 weeks until the kitchen is completed and 100% usable again. If a kitchen remodel takes six weeks to complete, that gives the home owner 7 days times 6 weeks to be frustrated with remodeling.

As a carpenter it’s easy to forget that after you head home for the day the home owners are left with the most used room of the home left virtually unusable. I could empathize with the home owners. From their view, it was see some work done.. wait for the next phase.. see some work done.. wait for the next phase. So I went to work looking for efficiencies, processes to streamline in each phase and securing relationships with outside service providers who were on board with my approach and would provide this level of service. I determined that a majority of our past kitchen remodels could have been completed within 7 days using this new process. So I started our One Week Kitchen Remodel program.

Completing a kitchen remodel quickly and accurately insuring it is everything the home owner hoped for is essential. At the end of the week I have delivered the kitchen of their dreams then I have made a customer for life. As it isn’t just about doing the project but also developing a relationship. A component not given enough attention in remodeling, the customer/contractor relationship. We’ll be working on one of your biggest investments and in your private space for a good amount of time. Our relationship is a big component to a smooth remodel and should be one of mutual trust and respect.

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    We are thrilled with the 2 story addition and deck that Aspen Remodelers designed and built for us!

    The final result is a beautiful, comfortable space that has become our favorite room in our home– and a lower level office which makes one actually enjoy ‘going-to work’!

    When undertaking a project, it was important to have people who were readily available to answer questions and on-site staff that we could work with. Dean was only a telephone call away and Paul was onsite daily from start to finish.

    We highly recommend Aspen Remodelers for the quality of the construction, the fair pricing, and professionalism of the team. We would not hesitate to work with Dean and Paul on another project in the future!
    P & R, Minnetonka, MN
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