Project Overview

Project Concept

Add a space to the home to function as a home office, a comfortable family room, and a view of the backyard and pool.

Project Completion

This project turned out to be a particularly fun project for us. The owner’s had already done their home work. Cutting clips from magazines, bookmarking websites and getting design ideas from the internet. This family had some great ideas and were able to express fairly specifically what they wanted. A home office on the lower level, a family area above and good views of the pool and back yard.

The building process was started during the winter months making it easier to work around the pool and not interfere with the family’s summer recreation. Most MN home remodeling projects are completed just as easily during winter months as they are in summer. Excavation for the new basement was started in January leaving plenty of time on the calendar to complete the room addition before spring. The new two story addition contains a home office in the lower level. Complete with all of essentials of any modern day office plus large windows overlooking the pool. Making working from home a more than pleasurable experience.

Upstairs a beautiful family room finished with a gas fireplace, large main windows with an elliptical transom. An elliptical transom window was installed on the side facing the neighbors home. This allowed natural light and an open feeling while ensuring some privacy. Across the room, a single door for access to the maintenance free deck. On the exterior of the new home addition, a custom made cedar siding was installed to match the existing and give the appearance had always been there.


Two Level Addition


Shakopee, Minnesota

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