Why Kitchen Remodeling In A Week

I have been remodeling for over 25 years. As we did kitchen remodel projects I noticed there were gaps in the timing from one phase to the next. For example; demo cleanup was dependent on a dumpster on-site, electrician couldn’t get in until demo was completed and counter tops not measured (or ordered) until new cabinets are installed. Not much thought went into why, because this is the way almost all remodelers do kitchen projects. Often taking 6 weeks until the kitchen is completed and 100% usable again. If a kitchen remodel takes six weeks to complete, that gives the home owner 7 days times 6 weeks to be frustrated with remodeling.

As a carpenter it’s easy to forget that after you head home for the day the home owners are left with the most used room of the home left virtually unusable. I could empathize with the home owners. From their view, it was see some work done.. wait for the next phase.. see some work done.. wait for the next phase. So I went to work looking for efficiencies, processes to streamline in each phase and securing relationships with outside service providers who were on board with my approach and would provide this level of service. I determined that a majority of our past kitchen remodels could have been completed within 7 days using this new process. So I started our One Week Kitchen Remodel program.

Completing a kitchen remodel quickly and accurately insuring it is everything the home owner hoped for is essential. At the end of the week I have delivered the kitchen of their dreams then I have made a customer for life. As it isn’t just about doing the project but also developing a relationship. A component not given enough attention in remodeling, the customer/contractor relationship. We’ll be working on one of your biggest investments and in your private space for a good amount of time. Our relationship is a big component to a smooth remodel and should be one of mutual trust and respect.

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