Accessibility Construction

Minneapolis elevator, residential, retro fit

Residential Elevator

Elko Minnesota

Project Concept

The client posed the question of how there handicapped family member could access all 4 levels of the home. Ideally adding accessibility with out changing the flow of the interior or take away from the curb appeal. Would it be possible enhance the appearance while making home more functional for the whole family?

Project Completion

This one required a little out of the box type thinking. To achieve the clients goals the elevator would need two doors to enable access to all 3 levels plus the garage and fit the existing style. We basically added a four level room addition with faux windows to one corner of the home. This solution enabled elevator access to all levels of the home without interrupting the existing floor plan and added style to the exterior appearance. Keeping a home feeling and not a commercial building feeling is one of our biggest challenges to making an existing home comfortable for someone that has limited ability and the families that look after them.

Therapy exercise pool

Endless Therapy Pool

Savage Minnesota

Project Concept

Add an exercise – therapy swimming pool to a home in Minnesota on a traditional lot without exceeding the maximum impervious surface coverage allowable by the city. Allow year round use in our varied Twin Cities climate for exercise and therapy with someone of limited ability. Also a concern of humidity entering the main living structure which could cause health and structural issues for the long term.

Project Completion

We added a pool room to the back of the existing structure with it’s own heating and cooling. This allowed the room to be accessible from the main structure while keeping the moisture and pool smell separate from the home. An endless therapy pool has it’s own current to swim against. Keeping the pool a fraction of the size of a typical pool. This kept the size of the addition affordable and practical. Making the roof flat also allowed for the addition of a large deck to the main level of the home.

Accessible entrance ramp


Project Concept

Build an accessible entrance to the home so the when clients friends with disabilities visited they wound not have to take them through the garage entrance.

Project Completion

A ramp was added to the exterior at a comfortable pitch so that someone pushing a wheelchair doesn’t get too fatigued. Side boards were used so that we wouldn’t have add a hand rail, keeping as low profile as possible trying to make the home functional and avoid the hospital appearance.

Accessible Bathroom Wheelchair Ramp Residential 3 floor Elevator Accessible Bathroom

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Remodeling For Accessibility

Construction and remodel projects that require accessible options offer unique challenges for the contractor. Often it requires a different approach and thought process throughout the project. In the process of remodeling for accessibility, for a bathroom as an example, you may offer the customer the option of changing door styles or moving the door to another wall allowing for better access. Which items may need to be custom built or some items that could be modified for suitable access. This is how we work with our customers to ensure their satisfaction with not just our excellent craftsmanship but also our high level of customer service.

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