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Twin Cities Kitchen Remodeling

Sexy, Smart, comfortable, Classy The process for a great kitchen remodel experience is pretty straightforward and the first step is thinking and planning. Do you want a sexy and sassy look with all new appliances? How about that country look, a kitchen where friends and family gather while you prepare their favorite comfort foods? Here […]
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Questions to Ask Yourself before You Start a Basement Renovation Project

Remodeling a basement is an attractive possibility for many families who need more space, or even people who just want to upgrade the look of a “creepy” basement.  Basement renovations can turn a dank, eerie, unusable space into a gathering place for your family, or add a great deal of room to your house. Before […]
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Is a Sunroom Addition Right for You?

When people are looking for more space in their home, the relatively inexpensive sunroom is often an attractive idea.  While a Florida room may be just what some families are looking for, others will find that it fails to address the underlying reasons that they needed more space in the first place. Before you decide […]
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Planning A Home Addition Or Home Remodel

Advice from a contractor. I have been doing home remodeling in the Twin Cities for over 25 years. I have worked with many types of clients, a wide range of home styles, very wide range of original age of homes and from small projects to building a new home. The first interview. The first interviews […]
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A Sign Of The Times

Construction has been good to me. I have been doing it for over 25 years and have seen just about every issue come up. With experience comes, well, experience. I have come to realize their aren’t really problem’s, only solutions. Nothing has proven to be insurmountable. Only a challenge to my knowledge and experience at […]
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Why Kitchen Remodeling In A Week

I have been remodeling for over 25 years. As we did kitchen remodel projects I noticed there were gaps in the timing from one phase to the next. For example; demo cleanup was dependent on a dumpster on-site, electrician couldn’t get in until demo was completed and counter tops not measured (or ordered) until new […]
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One Week Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen in a week! Can it be done? How can you do my kitchen in 7 days when my neighbors took 6 weeks? Other companies have their process but Aspen Remodelers gets your kitchen designed and cabinets delivered for installation before your project is started. Once we start construction you can count on your kitchen […]
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Custom Cabinets or Stock Cabinets

You may be wondering, what’s the difference between stock cabinets and custom cabinets. What about semi- custom? Why are there so many types of cabinets? What makes kitchen cabinets different from each other? Stock cabinets These are cabinets that are built in the sizes that get used most often. For some jobs these are great […]
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Remodeling during a Minnesota winter

Why remodel in the winter? It’s cold, it’s snowy and it’s not spring which is the perfect time to add onto your home right? Wrong! Over the years I have had people tell me they want to wait for spring to remodel, that’s best because why? You get to slip around in the mud, you […]
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Home Addition – What type is right for your home?

Minnesota remodeling can be challenging, during the long cold winter a Twin Cities remodeling contractor must time his projects well. Room additions are especially challenging because of weather conditions. Materials must be protected, walls and windows that are removed must be filled back in the same day. Regardless of the season remodeling presents challenges. Summers […]
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